JAMJAR Storage Jar

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JAMJAR Storage Jar Designed by JamFactory


Designed by Deb Jones, Tom Mirams and Brian Parkes.

The JAMJAR is made using traditional glass blowing and wood turning techniques. Each jar is made by a team of glassblowers who blow the tapered form into a specially designed wooden mould in JamFactory’s Glass Studio. The blackwood and cork stoppers are laminated, turned and later hand finished and oiled in the JamFactory Furniture Studio.

The JAMJAR’s design explores contrasts between the soft-edged hardness and lightness of blown glass and the hard-edged softness and density of turned wood. The eye-catching JAMJAR is useful in kitchens and cafes for displaying and storing pasta, grains, biscuits, lollies and lots more, available in clear, amber, and smoke.

About the artist

Glass, Blackwood, cork

H: 205mm
W: 160mm


  • Clear
  • Amber
  • Smoke